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General Care Guidelines
It is recommended in properly caring for your crochet items is for you to read and understand the directions and symbols on the yarn manufacturers label.  The manufacturers have put these pieces of information on the labels for that express purpose. 

**TIP: Keep a binder that has the manufacturers recommended cleaning instructions for the items that you make. 

 Another important factor is any instructions that the manufacturer includes concerning color fastness of the dye in the yarn. 

General instructions for care of a specific fiber (Please read label attached to your yarn for more specific directions associated to your specific brand of yarn).

WOOL: Dry-cleaning is the recommended method of cleaning.  The washing of wool items should be done with care to prevent fuzing and shrinkage.  Mild soaps and detergents cause little if any damage, if heat and agitation are kept to a minimum. 

AVOID: Chlorine bleach, agitation and hot water.

Before the item is placed in lukewarm water it is necessary that the soap be completely dissolved.  Never rub soap or soap powder directly onto the strands of yarn. 

Dry wool items flat. Place the item on a terry towel spread over a flat surface. 

Unless the item is mothproofed, wool fabrics should be stored so that they will not be accessible to moths. 

SILK: Dry cleaning is usually recommended for silk garments because of the yarn structure and the nonfast colors. 

To hand wash silk use lukewarm water and a mild detergent.  After thoroughly wetting the garment, gently squeeze for a few minutes in sudsy water.  Do not wring item.  Support the wet item when lifting.  Do not rub or twist. Rinse thoroughly until water runs clear.

To dry, roll the item in a large absorbent towel and firmly squeeze to remove excess water. Lay the item out on towels, gently pat into shape and allow to dry. Do not stretch or pull the item while wet. Do not dry in direct sunlight.

Silk is sensitive to sunlight which causes white silk to yellow and all silk to lose strength.  Never hang a silk garment on a hanger.

COTTON: It is recommended that cotton items be washed by hand, rather than by  machine.  During rinsing a softener should be added to the rinse.  To remove excess water, roll the item in an absorbent towel.  Dry the item flat after reshaping.  Never hang the cotton garment when wet as this will stretch the garment.

LINEN: Linen can be dry-cleaned or washed without special care and chlorine bleaches can be used.  (Use caution when using chlorine bleaches it can ruin colored/dyed items)

RAYON: Rayon can be safely dry cleaned, this is the safest and most recommended method of cleaning. Unless resin treated, rayon fabrics have a tendency to shrink progressively.

NYLON: Use warm water when washing as hot water may cause some wrinkling.  Nylon has a low resistance to direct sunlight.

ACRYLIC: Wash in warm or cool water and spin dry. 

BLENDS: See the manufacturers label for cleaning instructions.

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