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Designers Message Board

This forum is for designers to leave their questions, comments or information for other designers to read.  Also, those who may have information may respond to questions posted in this message board. 

If you should choose to use this message board you agree to the guidelines set forth. This is for your protection and the protection of other visitors who use this message board. This is a moderated board. By choosing the "I Agree" link you agree to the guidlines and warnings that follow:

  • You agree not to post any message that implies  that you are copying or infringing on a copyright. 
  • You agree not to list your mailing address publically on this message board (for your own protection). 
  • You agree not to post anthing that is not related to designing crochet patterns. 
  • Your message content can/will be edited if necessary. 
WARNING: Please use caution when giving personal information to strangers, the internet like anything else is not totally safe. The Crochet Network takes no responsibility in the action of individuals who supply sensitive information (such as address, phone number, etc.) on this message board Remember this message board is for our enjoyment, please make it fun and don't spoil it for the rest of us.

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