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Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Kntting Book
Book Description:
An encyclopedic, one volume knitting reference from the editors of internationally renowned Vogue Knitting Magazine--the first and last word on knitting. 1600 full-color illustrations

Knitter's Stash: Favorite Patterns from 
America's Yarn Shops
From The Editor
What does it take to make a knitter happy? A rainbow of colors and textures, intriguing and challenging designs, and, most important, a knitwear shop owner who is knowledgeable, sympathetic, and open to customers. All those winning elements form the basis of Albright's guide. More than 30 yarn shop proprietors contribute their favorite patterns, tips, and ideas. The designs span ages and seasons and difficulty levels (though none are so indicated); an easy-to-make classic tank top for summer, for example, contrasts sharply with a whimsical felt tea cozy. No matter whether an item is for wear or display, the pattern features color photographs, instructions, and great tips, from the best way to knit a sample swatch to setting in sleeves. Glossary, abbreviations, stitches, store directory, supplier list, and gauge chart appended. 

Vogue Knitting On The Go: Chunky Knits 
By Trisha Malcolm
From The Publisher:
Chunky is in. Using chunky yarns (or multiple strands of yarn) and large needles, today's busy knitters are happily churning out sweaters and accessories in a fraction of the time it used to take to get wearables off the needle. Unfortunately, some of these garments either make their wearers look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy or are so loosely knit that you could slip your fist between the stitches. This volume comes to the rescue with a selection of garments that are fast to knit and stylish. In addition to sweaters and vests, colorful accessories include a cashmere cabled hat and a Kilim tote. All patterns include full-color illustrations, materials lists, gauge information, and schematics. Most public libraries will want this one, especially if other titles in the series have been popular. 

Vogue Knitting On The Go: Toddler Knits 
By Darsha Capaldi
From the Publisher:
Nothing says "love" better than hand-crafted apparel. Now you can keep the child you love warm and cozy, with more than 20 completely irresistible hand-knit pieces for toddlers up to 4 years. It's like wrapping them in a hug to wear all day long. The wide variety of styles includes jackets and caps, cardigans and pullovers, dresses and jumpers, sweatshirts, swimsuits, and more--each one more adorable than the last, including some unbeatable fashions by today's top designers. All the garments are quick to knit, and the patterns include color photographs, instructions, and charts that make knitting a breeze. Just toss this easy-to-tote book into your knitting bag, and you're ready for anything. But don't let the simplicity fool you--even though you create them on the go, these charming yet durable hand-knit garments are sure to be passed on with love from generation to generation. All in Color 

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