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Are you confused about foreign language crochet terms?
Well, here is a list of terms of US, UK, French, Spanish, German and Italian crochet terms to help you read a pattern.  If you have another language that you know the crochet terms for and think it would be helpful to add that language to this section, please e-mail us we would be glad to post the information.  To visit this section CLICK HERE!

Designers, Now you can get guidelines! You can look at guidelines for some of the publishers that publish crochet patterns.  Also, you can post messages on our message board specifically dedicated to designing crochet patterns.  We also have a e-mail list for published designers to discuss designing crochet patterns.

Here you can access general information on fiber content. 
We have a list of fiber types, yarn weight classifications and general care of specific types of fibers.

We have a list of manufacturers of both yarn and thread. This list gives you general information about the manufacturers and some information on the products they manufacture. 

Do you need to know what a hook size in metric or UK standards? Look here! We have a chart that gives equivalent for US, UK and metric sizes. 

Also, we will have a chart that helps to convert grams to ounces and ounces to grams. 

If you would like lessons on crochet/knitting, we have linked our site to a very helpful site. Click on the link under "Lessons" for help in learning to crochet or knit. 

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