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Crochet Digest
306 East Parr Road
Berne, IN 46711
(219) 589-3418

General Information
Crochet Digest is a full-color 48-page quarterly.  House of White Birches crochet publication.  Editor is Laura Scott and Pattern Editor is Marion Kelly.

Types of Designs/Articles Included
Crochet Digest features creative crochet patterns which use popular stitches and readily available yarns (either in yarn shops, craft stores or mail order).  Yarn and thread designs include but are not limited to apparel, home decor, winter accessories, doilies and afghans.

To Sumit a Design, Please Send The Following:

Contracts & Payment
If your project is accepted for publication, we will send you an agreement with our payment offer and a pre-addressed return envelope.  If the agreement is acceptable, you should sign and return it in the postage-paid envelope.  Please sign and keep a photocopy of the agreement for your records and return the original to us.  Payment will be made within 60 days of acceptance.  Amount will be determined by accuracy, creativity, workmanship, skill level, overall quality and instruction format.  Average fees range from approximately $50-$350.

Split Fees
Many yarn manufacturers are willing to split the designer fee with the magazine.  If a split fee arrangement is agreed upon, the designer is responsible for collecting payment from the manufacturer.  House of White Birches is responsible for its portion of the payment only.

Return of Designs
We will review submissions approximately every eight weeks, after which we will issue agreements and return all designs we are unable to use.  Please see our Editorial Calendar for specific issue deadlines.

Published projects will be returned to the designer (unless otherwise arranged) after all photography is complete.  All manuscripts, diagrams, etc. remain the property of House of White Birches.  Since we purchase all rights to designs unless otherwise arranged, designers should not sell the purchased design or very similar to it to another company.

If you have any questions, please contact Laura Scott at (219) 589-3418 or write to the address at above. We look forward to working with you.
**Please Note:  The above guidelines are that of the publisher and is not an endorsement by the publisher of this website.  The Crochet Network does not endorse the publisher nor is it responsible for inaccurate information due to changes in the publishers policies/guidelines.

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