Leisure Arts/Knit & Crochet Relationship

Address: P.O. Box 55595, Little Rock, AR  72215
Phone Number: (501) 868-8800
Fax Number: (501) 868-1001
Website Address: www.leisurearts.com
E-Mail Address: info@leisarts.usa.com


Leisure Arts is a publisher of needlework instruction books, leaflets, magazines,and kits, and a national wholesale distributor of open stock needlework products.  Our customers include independent needlework/yarn shops, department/craft stores and national chain stores.

As a publisher, Leisure Arts produces approximately 225 titles of instruction leaflets per year based on all needlework skills.  The emphasis that is placed on individual skills, such as knitting or crochet, is dependent upon the current market, as well as trends which we see developing.  Our current line of active publications in the market consists of approximately 700 titles.

The majority of the designs used in our leaflets are obtained from free-lance designers.  It is Leisure Arts' goal to produce instruction leaflets that are enjoyable for the consumer to work from and which contribute to his/her satisfaction with the completed project.  In order to do this, we must develop leaflet concepts that are saleable. We mus acquire designs that are not appealing, but are made with readily obtainable materials.

Although leaflet concepts are determined well in advance of the proposed publication date, the schedule by which we work is flexible enough to allow for new trends and ideas which free-lance designers may initiate.

How to Submit Designs to Leisure Arts

In order for us to determine whether or not a particular design can be used in an upcoming leaflet, we ask that you first provide us with individual color photographs of each design that you wish to submit for our consideration.  These do not need to be professional photographs, just be sure that each is labeled (on the back) with your name, address, daytime telephone number and a brief description of the design such as materials used, size, etc.  To protect your rights, do not send the written instructions at this time.

Mail the photographs to: Leisure Arts, Design Submissions, P.O. Box 55595, Little Rock, AR  72215

If you wish to receive notification that your photographs have been received, please enclose a self-addressed stamped postcard, which we will mail to you upon receipt of the photographs.

If we feel that we will be able to use one of all of your designs, your photographs will be kept on files and you will be contacted to send the actual stitched project(s) or garment(s) only, so that we can make a final determination.  This review often takes from a month to several weeks.

If, after reviewing the stitched project(s), we still feel that we will be able to use your design(s) in an upcoming leaflet, we will send a purchase agreement to you.  If agreeable, forward all instructions at that time.

Leisure Arts makes the decision regarding the number of designers and the number of designs which will be used in a leaflet.  This decision is based upon the concept of the leaflet.  If, for instance, we want to publish a knit or crochet leaflet of designs to be used for a baby's layette set, we will probably use one single designer to develop all of the designs that comprise the leaflet.  On the other hand, if the concept is a knit or crochet small project (bazaar-type) leaflet, we would, in all probability, use several designers in order to obtain a wide variety of ideas, designs and end uses.  In either case, the designer is paid for the designs and is given designer credit in the leaflet.  Needless to say, a great deal more work and imagination is required from one designer, if he or she does all the designing for a leaflet, than if several designers contribute.

In either case, Leisure Arts requires that each accepted design is original and does not infringe on any existing copyright held by any other individual, firm or corporation.

Outright Purchases

If more than one designer contributes designs to a leaflet, each design is paid for on an outright purchase basis. The purchase price of a design is determined by originality and the importance of that design to the success of the leaflet.  There is no schedule of payments for these designs paid by outright purchase since it is determined by individual design.  A check is mailed to the designer after acceptance of the design and receipt of a signed "Offer to Buy" agreement and any required project instructions.


If one designer contributes all the designs used in a single leaflet, he/she is paid for those designs on a royalty basis.  Royalties are 3% of the "Net Selling Price" of the leaflet.  "Net Selling Price" means the actual invoice or billing price for the leaflet, less any trade discounts given to some customers.  Royalty payments continue as long as a leaflet is in the Leisure Arts' line.  Advances against royalties are paid to the designer based on the proposed selling price of the leaflet.  The royalty advance schedule is as follows:
Retail of Leaflet
Net Selling Price/Dozen
Royalty Advance

The advance is paid in two installments; half is due upon acceptance of the designs and receipt of the signed royalty agreement (Purchase Agreement) and project instructions (if required), the second half is due upon publication.  The advance covers the entire royalty payment for the estimated "Net Selling Price" for the sale of the first 15,000 copies of the leaflet.  Thereafter, royalties are paid on a quarterly basis for the periods ending December 31, March 31, June 30 and September 30.

Designer Credit

Unless the designer wishes to remain anonymous, designer credit is given in each leaflet.  Generally, if the designer contributes all designs to a leaflet, his/her name will appear on the front cover as "designed by John Doe".  If several designers contribute to a leaflet, a credit line is inserted before the instructions for each design.

Designer Copies of Leafets

Upon publication, each designer who has contributed designs to a leaflet will receive on dozen copies at no charge.


When purchased, designs and models become the exclusive property of Leisure Arts and may be used by us at any time, in any other form, without further payment.

Rejection of Designs

All designs submitted to Leisure Arts are done so on speculation.  We retain the right, at any time prior to the purchase of the design, to reject any design  that is submitted.  If rejected, all designs, manuscripts, stitched models and other related materials are returned to the designer.
**Please Note:  The above guidelines are that of the publisher and is not an endorsement by the publisher of this website.  The Crochet Network does not endorse the publisher nor is it responsible for inaccurate information due to changes in the publishers policies/guidelines.

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