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The Crochet Network

Flower Pot Shelf
The following links are to sites that offer free crochet patterns.

Crochet Cabana
This website has a variety of information including tutorials, charity information, patterns, links and general crochet information.

Kids Crochet 
A great website dedicated to kids who crochet or want to learn to crochet, with easy patterns and illustrations. 

Crochet Along
Crochet Along is a group of crocheters  from the Crochet Talk email list who have come together to crochet together!  Each Crochet Along project lasts from one to two months. During that time we share, hints, tips, problems and advice about the project we're working on.

Priscilla's Crochet
This website is very nice, it has many patterns and even a mystery pattern each month.

A Home Page For Thread Crocheter's
This website is dedicated to those who like to crochet with thread.

Beverly's Pattern Site
Beverly has a little of everything...from placemats to a granny square afghan.

Alorna's Pattern Page
Alorna's site has a hammock to crochet. WOW!

Crochet....Gotta Love It!
This site is wonderful and has dozens of free patterns created by the talented owner Lee Ann Hamm.

Just Plain Fun
This website has many, many wonderul free patterns and also has a subscription that you can purchase which gives you access to even more patterns.

Crochet Lessons on Specific Stitches

Crochet Tutorial
This is a tutorial for those of you who need basic lessons on crochet (Left and Right handed) or just need a familiar reminder on how to make a stitch. (Courtesy of The Crochet Guild of America)

Teach a Child To Crochet
Extensive information on how to teach a child to crochet. (Courtesy of The Crochet Guild of America)

Clothesline Crochet Tutorial
Courtesy of Priscilla Hewitt she has created a wonderful tutorial for clothesline crochet, worked over 100% cotten clothesline this technique is used to create rugs, coasters, chairpads, placemats, etc.

Are you a webmaster with a crochet site that offers FREE crochet patterns? (Sorry, no commercial sites!) If you would like to add your non-commercial website to this page please send the following information to
  1. Webmaster/Site Owner Name
  2. Site owner e-mail address
  3. Website Name
  4. Website Description (Description you want posted under your link)
Please note if all of the above are not included then your site will not be added.  Please allow 2 weeks for posting. 

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