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The Crochet Network

We believe it is our duty to promote a sense of giving. So, we encourage everyone who visits our site to be generous by donating of their time and talent to any organization that can benefit.

Heavenly Angels in Need 

  • Heavenly Angels In Need
    Heavenly Angels In Need
    P.O. Box 2394
    Lebanon, OR  97355

  • E-Mail Address:

  •  Description of Charity: We knit, crochet, sew, quilt, paint memory boxes and make caskets for babies in need. We make clothing and other needed items for premature, sick babies. Still birth, & babies that passed away. We also give to crisis pregnancy centers. We are dedicated in "Helping Families One Angel at a Time". 

Heartmade Blessings 

  • Heartmade Blessings

  • Description of Charity: Heartmade Blessings is a not-for-profit, world-wide group of volunteers dedicated to providing hand-crafted items to those people suffering a loss, tragedy, or going through a rough time that need to be reminded of the simple  fact that people care.
    Heartmade Blessings come from all the wonderful people who donate squares for afghans, baby afghans or shawls, pins, cuddles, and other hand-crafted items. They are also made possible through the efforts of the warm, caring people who donate their time in assembling and organizing the distribution of these items to those in need. We truly believe these people are nothing short of a "blessing" themselves.

Afghans For Afghans 

  • Afghans For Afghans

  • afghans for Afghans is a humanitarian and educational people-to-people project that is sending hand-knit and crocheted blankets to displaced Afghan families. Volunteers across the US and Canada are also making hats, mittens, socks, and sweaters. 

Newborn's In Need

  • Newborns In Need 

  • Description of Charity: We have 32 chapters in 24 states across the country. We provide much needed clothing which includes, quilts, blankets, shirts, sleepers, gowns, and burial layettes for preemie's and newborns across the country. We are an all volunteer organization with every penny going back into the babies. We are in need of fabric, thread, finished items, and mostly volunteers to help these precious angels who would otherwise go home with only a diaper from the hospital. Please help us help them. Please contact me to get in touch with your closest chapter. 

Little Fingers Foundation

  • James I. Coder II, Project Coordinator 

  • Little Fingers Foundation
    31510 106th PL SE #R-111
    Auburn, WA 98092

  • E-Mail: 

  • Telephone Number: (253) 876-7744 

  • Description of Charity: Little Fingers is a nonprofit company provides children and adults of missions and hospitals nationally socks, hats, scarfs, mittens, sweaters and blankets to keep them warm. Our volunteers are children of high schools, women in crisis centers and senior centers that want something do with their hands to help others. We team children and seniors together so they learn and have fun together. They do everything from spinning to crocheting and knitting. We always need crochet hooks and knitting needles, yarn and anything else that you can think of to make these warm goodies, because we supply so many people, they get to join in even if don't have the money to buy their supplies. We provide most of the materials. So we are always looking for yarn and tools. If you know anyone that might want to help, we also take finished products. 80% of all the money that is donated goes back to helping people. Our real joy is seeing light in the eyes of our volunteers sharing their gifts with each other and the people that will enjoy the warm goodies. 

The Seaman's Institute

  • Susan Ashland, Director of Christmas-At-Sea Program 

  • 241 Water Street 

  • New York, NY 10038 

  • (212) 349-9090 ext 222 

  • Email: 

  • Description of Charity: A dedicated corps of volunteers that works year-round to assemble Christmas-At-Sea packages to ensure that seafarers who are at sea on Christmas Day are able to enjoy a little bit of the holiday. Hand-knit and crocheted garments, such as watch caps, are included in the packages. The institute furnishes knitters and crocheters with patterns and yarn in return for their handiwork. 

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

  • NMCRS Headquarters 

  • 801 N. Randolph St. #1228 

  • Arlington, VA 22203-1978 

  • (703) 696-4904 (They will accept collect calls) 

  • Description of Charity:When young people join the Navy or Marines, they are often stationed far from family when their babies are born. The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society developed a program to encourage young families to plan for the added costs of having a child. They have classes entitled "Budget for Baby" The sailors/marines and souses learn about the expenses they will encounter and receive tips to help cope. 
    When they attend these classes they are given a layette of basic baby items to help them get started. The society wants to include hand made items in this layette, so they are looking for crocheters/knitters to make afghans and/or sweater sets. The Society provides the yarn, and will cover the cost of postage if there is no local base. They will put you in touch with an office/base near you. 

Preemie Project

  • Lori Turner 

  • 216 Harvard Avenue 

  • Steubenville, OH 43952 

  • E-Mail: PreemieProject@hotmail or 

  • Preemie Project Website 

  • Description of Charity: I have just started a project for the NICU's of two hospitals in my area. The hospitals are Magee Womens Hospital and Childrens hospital both in Pittsburgh PA. We are currently only a group of five women. (2 Americans, 2 Australians and 1 Canadian) We will be making preemie and baby, hats, booties and blankets. We need volunteers and supplies. If you would like to help please e-mail me at the above e-mail address. 

Crochet Hats For The Homeless

  • Sharon Stennett 

  • 4819 Amethyst Ridge 

  • Rockford, Illinois 61102 

  • E-Mail: 

  • Crochet Hats For The Homeless 

  • Description of Charity: I make and collect crocheted hats for the homeless. Free hat patterns available and also words of encouragement to all the "givers" of the world. Hope to see you soon! 

Barb's Caring Touch

  • Barbara Wade 

  • E-Mail: 

  • Barb's Caring Touch 

  • Description of Charity: A group of volunteers from across the USA and Canada making and donating clothing and toys to God's Little Ones and their families. There is a great need for these children and families and you will be blessed by helping. If you don't knit, crochet, or sew, you can still help by donating materials and postage. PLEASE HELP! 

Project Linus

  • 41489 Frontier Road Parker CO 80134 

  • Telephone #: (303) 840-1116 

  • E-Mail: 

  • Project Linus 

  • Description of Charity: This charity takes handmade blankets and donates them to children in need. 

Handmade With Love

  • Sandie Petit 

  • E-Mail: 

  • Address: West St. Charles Baptist Church, P.O. Box 173 Boutte, LA 70039-4444 

  • Handmade With Love
    Description of Charity: Donated items are used to help local (New Orleans area) homeless shelter, battered women's shelter, nursing home, orphanage, and hospital NICUs. We accept hats and scarves in "manly" colors for the homeless shelter, shawls and lapghans for the
    nursing home, 60" long strips, baby afghans and full size afghans for the battered women's shelter, and  15" preemie afghans, stuffed animals, and small hats for the area NICUs. Items should be completed using
    4-ply, worsted weight, acrylic yarn.

Kids Kits 4 Cops

  • Mary Barnes 

  • E-Mail: 

  • Address: Western Eagle Foundation, 28075 Diaz Rd. Temecula, Ca. 

  • Telephone Number: (909) 695-7206 

  • Description of Charity: This charity puts handmade children's blankets into police vehicles. They will be used by the police officers when they come upon a situation where a child may be traumatized, neglected, cold, or in need of a "hug". 

Warming Families

  • Dee Chouinard 

  • E-Mail: 

  • Website: Warming Families 

  • Description of Charity: "WARMING FAMILIES" is a new project for families and individuals to participate in by working together making quilts, blankets and afghans for other families who are in homeless shelters. Our goal is to provide enough blankets for every person who must sleep in a shelter for whatever reason. Blankets will be taken to local shelters. Free patterns and information can be found at the website address above.

Do you know of a charity that belongs here?

If you know of a crochet charity that should be listed here, please send the following information to

  • Charity Name 

  • Project Coordinators Name 

  • Address (It is advised you use a P.O. Box, not your home address as this is the internet and it is not totally safe.) 

  • Charities E-mail Address 

  • Website Address (If applicable) 

  • A description of what the charity is about. 

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